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The Ties That Bind Us, Poetry Selection

Posted on: November 2nd, 2012 by robyn

By Nanon Williams

The Ties that Bind Us

The Ties That Bind Us is a book of poetry that is mixed with free verse. The poems are written from the raw feelings I experienced while living in solitary confinement, or what those in prison refer to as “the hole.” All of these poems describe the feelings that bind my heart, mind and soul as one.

My desire is that these poems will be shared with others and discussed in an attempt to recapture the same feelings I had when I wrote them, and inevitably, tying those feelings into your own experiences. If you capture those feelings, or recreate your own, there is no right or wrong, but simply a growing appreciation for what you feel.


Moments Like This
Dedicated to Helen Beardsley

In the early dawn, I awoke
In a field of dreams.
And there sat a woman,
An enigma.

Spellbound, I watched this creature
As she spiraled and hovered high above,
Creating a pattern of beauty.
In one motion towards the flaming red sky.

It was such a breathtaking performance,
Involving strength, courage, stamina and grace,
That before I knew it
She was gone with a blink of an eye.

Still confused, searching,
I climbed high upon a mountain,
My heart pounding furiously.
And it was there I saw her floating
In a vast wave of wind towards me,
Wrapping me in a warmth of hope.

And as I remember the moment,
I realize now there may never be another one
Exactly like that.
And I cherish it …
I cherish her—my Angel.