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Summer Reading List

Posted on: July 12th, 2013 by robyn

goodmedia press fox 4 news summer reading recommendations

goodmedia press publisher and author Robyn Short appeared on Fox 4 Good Day July 6th to share her summer reading recommendations for readers of all ages. 

OnTheHole AwardCOver.pngOn The Hole is a hilarious but gripping story of a wild day, a menacing foe, a simple game and a complex friendship. While many people may think a book about golf is a book for guys, the author’s biggest fans are in fact women. 
For anyone who has ever asked, “What do men talk about all day out on the golf course?” this book is for you! Learn more at



Phoenix by Kimberly PackardKimberly Packard is a North Texas-based PR professional who came up with the idea of Phoenix while working for a Fortune 500 company. A remark from one of the corporate attorneys made her ask the “what if” question that births every book, and Amanda was born during her daily commutes. Phoenix is the story of Amanda, a woman manipulated into committing securities fraud by her boyfriend who then escapes to a small town in Texas; Alex, the SEC agent tracking her; and Shiloh, a waitress in the town of Phoenix, Texas, who is Amanda’s romantic rival, but who is harboring her own secrets. Learn more at

Still Surviving by Nanon WilliamsWhile many people think of “summer reading” as light reading, readers looking for a more serious subject will not be disappointed with Nanon WilliamsStill Surviving  — now in its second releaseNanon Williams was sentenced to the death penalty for a murder committed when he was 17 years. Although all evidence points to his innocence, the author has been fighting for his freedom for more than 20 years. In his memoir, Williams offers readers an inside look at Texas’ death row. This book is especially timely with Texas receiving national attention for the execution of its 500th inmate since the re-instating of the death penalty, as well as the legislation for juvenile offender reform that is currently being discussed in the second special session in the Texas Congress that is will resume Monday. Readers who enjoy reading personal narratives that relate to current events will be inspired by Williams story of survival and resiliency. Learn more at

Fairies of Turtle Creek by Jill SayreThe Fairies of Turtle Creek is magical realism for ages 9 and up. Set in Highland Park, Texas, it draws on the history of 1920’s Dallas, woven with folklore. Author Jill K. Sayre was inspired by walks along Turtle Creek, with its banks of twisted tree roots, beautiful native plants, and small creatures, which seems like a likely place for fairies to live. The main character, Claire, is a rational 13 year old who only believes in what science can prove, but her rational world is turned upside down when her eccentric grandmother, who believes in fairies, comes to live with her. It is through her grandmother’s whimsical stories that Claire’s life begins to be touched by magic that helps her learn to deal with friendship, romance, and the worry she feels about her brother off fighting in the Iraq War–and Claire begins to wonder if fairies really do exist. Learn more and watch the book trailer at 

Apple Pie BooksFrom her beloved Apple Bunch Books series, author and illustrator Diane Shapley-Box, has released her third book, Fred Visits the Emerald Coast. In her third book, Diane tells the story of Fred the frog, and his pals’ trip to the Florida’s Emerald Coast. Fred and the beloved cast of characters from Apples for Fred and Tator’s Big Race meet new and interesting friends who come through when Fred needs them the most. In this latest adventure, Fred learns he not only has true friends at home, but also wonderful new friends from the amazing Emerald Coast of Florida. Learn more at