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Peace People by Robyn Short and Nanon Williams is a whimsically illustrated book that helps young children understand the concept of peace and how to experience peace in their own lives so that they may help others to experience peace as well. Peace People offers a positive approach to having necessary conversations and lessons about anti-bullying at home and in school. This book helps children to understand that peace is possible when we choose to be peace. Peace People is perfect for children of all ages.

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Advance Praise for Peace People

“It was good, and I like that it made me feel happy. I think that I should be one of those peace people. Peace people must be really nice to other people!”~ Gracie, Age 6 

Peace People is an awesome book that talks about how peace people live, and what they do. It shows that they are kind, care, and share with others.” ~ Emma, Age 8 

“This book taught me about peace in my heart and how sharing my own peace is important to our world.” ~ Garrett, Age 7 

“I think we need more peace people in the world, so it can be happy.” ~ Kaylee, Age 5 

“I think it was a good book because it talks about peace, and it says ‘imagine giving love to everyone.’ I feel good about that. When I imagined it, it feels good to me. I could be a peace person.” ~ Alice, Age 9 

“It was about all those feelings, like when kids are sad and upset, you give hugs to them and scoop out love to give them too and that makes them feel better.” ~ Chasen, Age 4 

“I’m gonna go be a peace person!” – Alfred, Age 6

“I love it! Because it has all my favorite colors and nature and all the things I love. I think this book is too great! I love the birds, I love the trees, I love the sun, I love the houses, I love the people, I love the flowers and hearts and frogs and dogs and squirrels. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!” – Addie, Age 6

“I loved the book! I like to share and it helped me learn about peace. I think I am a peace people too!” – Eva, Age 7 

“I like how it teaches you exactly what to do to have peace in your life.” ~ Lynsie , Age 9 

“Reading this book influences me to go around giving love to the world.” ~ Abbie Kate, Age 9 

“It’s better to give than to receive.” ~ Beryl, Age 9 

“This book teaches a lesson I can live throughout my life.” ~ Paige, Age 9 

“This book encourages kids to give more compliments without fear of people being mean back.” ~ Wesley, Age 9 

“The book encourages children to be a good sport by being nice and giving compliments.” ~ Kyle, Age 9 

“This book is a guide to teach people how to show love.” ~ Kailyn, Age 9 

“Helps kids understand that being nice to others will show others how to treat the world.” ~ Ryan, Age 9 

“This book teaches kids to respect.” ~ Tanner, Age 9 

“I love this story! The pictures are colorful, and I love the parts about forgiving, sharing, and loving each other. Everyone was respectful in the story and helped the people on earth to learn to love.” ~ Maddie, Age 5 

“I believe this book has a great message of compassion and love, a message that parents so often want to instill in their children but perhaps do not take the time or find the words to do so. I’d like to see this book in classrooms, each page could be integrated into a days’ lesson!” ~ Jessica Blue Sky Vigil, Age 36