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Books by Nanon Williams

Nanon M. Williams, writer and human rights activist, was born August 2, 1974. Nanon grew up in Los Angeles amidst the violence and poverty that plagued the city. As a teenager, Nanon stood out for his academic and sporting achievements and dreamt of a career as a football player. He was an All-American and the recipient of over seventeen athletic and academic scholarships. In 1992, when Nanon was only seventeen years old, he was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death by the state of Texas.

As a young boy on death row, Nanon discovered a passion for writing and committed his life to being a voice for those who have been silenced. He began with poems, which he published in 2000 under the title The Ties That Bind Us, and continued on to write numerous essays as well as several books, providing a poignant look at life on death row. In 1997, Nanon began publishing The Williams Report as a contribution to the debate against the death sentence and to provide an international voice for incarcerated individuals around the world.

As a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Roper vs. Simmons, Nanon’s death sentence was converted to a life sentence in 2005. With his transition to general population, Nanon was able to study for and complete his GED in 2007. He then began college courses offered through Trinity Valley Community College. He earned an associates degree in Liberal Arts and Science and also took trade courses in Horticulture and Cognitive Intervention. In 2015, Nanon completed a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences through University of Houston-Clear Lake and is currently working toward his Masters in Literature.

Through writing, Nanon has found a way in which to endure daily life in prison, connect with and enrich the world beyond prison walls. Nanon’s message is a message of peace and nonviolence. He actively works to bring attention to the atrocities that routinely occur behind bars and seeks to be a voice for those who have been silenced while offering a platform of education for those who may learn compassion and kindness for a population of people who are all too easy to shun and turn our backs on.

While Nanon continues to live a life of service to others, it is the hope of his publisher and loving community of family, friends, fans and followers that his work be a force of change that will bring him justice and freedom so that he may continue to be a force for peace in this world.